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April 12, 2024

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Fire Safety Certificate Checklist

After the application of an inspection and payment, an officer will contact you to make an appointment date for your inspection. Below is a guide that is intended to give you and establishment owners helpful information to aide you in a successful inspection.

Fire and Life Safety Certificate Requirements

* Adequate means of escape which should be free from obstacles in case of fire or other emergencies. 
* Clearly visible Exit signs, No smoking signs and directional arrows indicating the path of egress. 
* Particulars of any explosives, hazardous and flammable materials stored or used at the workplace.
* Audible and Visible warning systems should be installed throughout the building (Smoke, Heat Alarms and Strobe Lights)
* Exit doors shall swing in an outward direction.
* Appropriately located firefighting equipment (extinguishers, hose reels, fire blankets).

* Have a designated assembly point. 

* Extinguishers mounted at prescribed levels. (The top of the extinguisher 60 inches height from the floor surface  - The bottom of the extinguisher no closer than 4 inches from the floor)

Additional information which may be requested

* Auxiliary lighting.

* Fire protection equipment (total flooding systems, sprinkler systems, dry risers, wet risers, hydrants etc).

* Construction of the building (including building materials, roof type and measurements) should be documented.

* M.S.D.S (Material Safety Data Sheet) must be place in a safe visible location (If applicable)

* Fire Service Appliances access.


Certificate License is not transferable