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September 21, 2023

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Smoke Alarm Programme


The  Smoke  Alarm  Programme  is  designed  to  ensure that smoke  alarms  are installed and are operating properly in all private and public residences. 
It is  also intended to keep fire  deaths  and  property  losses  at  a  minimum  as well  as  to  educate  residents about fire safety and the  importance  of installing and maintaining smoke alarms.


The Barbados Fire Service will, at no charge to qualified residents, 
install one  or  more  smoke  alarms, test  existing  smoke  alarms, replace smoke alarm batteries if needed, conduct a home fire-safety check help residents develop a fire safety / fire escape plan for themselves if they live alone and for families where necessary.


The  Smoke  Alarm  Programme will  comprise  of  the  following  components but  will  be  dynamic  enough  to  encompass  any other activity  or  set  of activities that will help the Fire Prevention Unit to achieve its goals.

1.Smoke Alarms for Seniors and seniors who live alone; 
2.Smoke Alarms for the Disabled;
3.The After Fire Care Program;
4.Children homes and day care facilities
5.Elderly care facilities

For the Fire Prevention Unit these constitute the most vulnerable and at risk groups in the society and require special care and attention.

Global statistics show that in fire related incidents where fatalities are recorded it is the elderly and the young who suffer the most. Hence the concerted effort to address the needs of these identified populations.The data gathered for a response to any of these groups can come from community groups, government departments, inspections, family members or concerned citizens. An initial assessment will be made to substantiate the information received and then a determination will be made concerning request before installation is made.

In executing this program the fire prevention officers will conduct a home fire-safety check,install one or more smoke alarms, fully explain how the smoke alarm functions and how to maintain it and help residents develop a fire safety / fire escape plan.

Smoke Alarm activities carried out after an emergency response will follow to the guidelines set out in the After Fire Care Program.Alarms installed by Fire Officers or Fire Prevention Officers should only be done with the permission of the home-owner and/or occupant.

An appropriate record should be made of all such installations and an annual check is to be made of each installation to ensure that it is working effectively.

All home-owners and/or occupants shall be encouraged to develop and practice a home-escape plan. Early warning by smoke alarms is only effective if the occupants of the dwelling know what to do when the alarm sounds.