Fire Prevention

The primary purpose of this Programme is to address Fire Prevention and Fire Protection in the city of Bridgetown and, at the same time, develop an intervention strategy.“ Operation Escape Bridgetown Programme”(O.E.B) will:

Educate Store Owners and Employees of correct evacuation procedures
Decrease the chance of unwanted ignition.
Prevent/limit the spread of fire by independent action taken.This programme offers an opportunity to tackle the critical component of “Life Safety and Fire Risk Reduction” in the high risk areas of the city.

This programme will be initiated by the Barbados Fire Service through the Fire Prevention and Community Relations Unit. One-on-one contact will be made with store owners to:

Identify risks and discuss the threat which they could pose within the city.
Define the mutual benefits of the programme.
Following this, an official correspondence will be sent to interested and willing participants. The Barbados Fire Service will take responsibility for lending all technical assistance and maintaining contact with all the Stakeholders.


The face of business is changing in Bridgetown.   
There is a vast increase in the number of malls, which translates into an actual increase in the number of businesses.

Over  the  years  there  have  been  several fires in  the  City,  resulting in  significant  financial losses.  In most cases the owners have stood by and witnessed their hard-earned investment sgo up in flames,some of which ended in the loss of human life.

This  programme is  intended  to  mitigate  against  these  types  of  events  by  being  pro-active,through the introduction of simple Fire Prevention Safety solutions.


To  ensure  that  store  owners  and  employees  are  aware  of ,and  familiar  with, correct Evacuation Procedures and responses to  fire  emergencies  within  the workplace.

To educate store owners and workers about fire safety practices in the work    

To provide store owners with guidelines for preparing an Emergency Escape Plan.

To encourage store owners and workers to gain a full understanding and appreciation for the concept of Fire Prevention.

To foster and develop community partnership between store owners, employees and the Barbados Fire Service.   

The programme will be entitled Operation Escape Bridgetown(OEB).It will engage a multifaceted concept which will involve both prevention and suppression techniques.  
It  will  be  designed  in  a  manner  to minimise the number of  fires  in  the  targeted area, through a unified, co-operative fire prevention effort between
owners/occupants and the Barbados Fire Service.  This effort will present an opportunity to establish community partnerships, thereby facilitating the collective management of risks.

Store owners and staff working in businesses located in the vicinities of Swan Street, Roebuck Street, Tudor Street and Broad Street and their adjoining environs.


Interviewing  business  owners  to obtain contact,  structural  and  fire  protection information.

Educating staff through Fire Prevention lectures, demonstrations and discussions.

Duration - 1 hour.

The program me will be evaluated by:

Ensuring risk reduction standards are maintained.
Reviewing if target audiences are being reached.
Determining its direct impact on fire statistics.
Measuring its outcomes against stated objectives.


Ensure that each building has a clearly stated evacuation procedure.
Make information available and accessible to all levels of staff.
Ensure that there is adequate signage throughout each building.
Ensure that there is functional layout.
Provide continuous education on relevant issues which are related to safety in the City.

The City of Bridgetown is an area which is very densely  populated. It  has  several ignition sources ranging from electrical to open flames. With  commitment  and  strict adherence to  every  facet of this Programme  by  all stakeholders, it will create a vital and effective launching-pad for ensuring and securing the safety/welfare of occupants within the City. Given the  nature and  level of activity which  is  transacted  in Bridgetown,  the  Programme  seeks  to  protect  all  persons conducting business in the city.